Pampering Your Pet on Valentine's Day

If your best pal is your pet, then some holiday pampering may be in order. Specialty pet products can make your pet's life more comfortable and safe. You may be new to the world of pet products, so let me give you an assist.

Your cat, dog, fish, bird . . .not to mention, ferret, pot bellied pig, hamster, gerbil, snake or other pet now has the strength of a burgeoning pet industry revolution to see to his every need. New and innovative products are making the daily grind easier, and even though some of these products are frivolous (not to say there's anything wrong with that), others can be very helpful.

Pet Essences

One of my favorites is Pet Essences, a line of products designed to help your pets with emotional and behavioral problems. I've used Pet Essences on my dog, first when we moved, and then later when we've had strong thunderstorms. It has worked well to calm his nerves.

I also use Pet Essences on the cats after they've had a trip to the vet. I was surprised by the difference it makes, but after I gave it some thought, why wouldn't they react strongly to scent? Many animals have a much more refined sense of smell than humans do. (Never use human aromatherapy essential oils on your animals without expert assistance. Cats, particularly, are sensitive to essential oils, and can be harmed or killed by overdosing on these concentrated substances.)

Pet Strollers

I know that it sound silly to buy a stroller for your pet, but there are times when hoofing it isn't practical or even possible. These strollers can hold up to sixty pounds, and are screened to provide comfort and a view. If your beloved cat is interested in the outdoors, but you hesitate leash training him, take him for an excursion in a stroller. He gets to smell the outdoors without any risk for him or you. This is a great solution for indoor cats that sit at the window all summer pining to go out.

Dogs that are getting on in years and suffer from arthritis and hip problems can still take a turn around the park. They get a change of pace without hurting themselves, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are giving them a treat that isn't fattening.

Older dogs that are chewing themselves because of boredom, and dogs that are depressed, can get out and see the world, even in areas where traffic congestion, children, and other hazards might make more conventional methods impractical. This is also a good choice for smaller dogs that are more fragile by nature.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are good at getting your pet to do what's good for him without knowing it. Today's less active pets need exercise for their minds and bodies. Although there are too many offerings to give you a rundown here, toys like the Kong are a good example. The Kong is a popular rubber toy that has a hole in the center of a hard rubber shell. The idea is to place peanut butter or another treat in the hole and force the dog to work at getting the goodies out. This keeps him occupied, and gives his teeth and gums a workout.

Another example would be a laser mouse. This beam of light comes from what looks like a small flashlight, and can be directed at a wall or the floor. The beam is invisible; only a small dot of light is displayed, which looks like an insect. Your pet will chase the light, getting great exercise, while you sit comfortably in your recliner. (Always be careful to avoid pointing the light directly into an animal's eyes.)

Make Your Pet's Life Easier

Pet stairs that make it easier for your pet to jump on the bed or couch, joint supplements, and heated blankets designed for use with animals can help keep your pets more comfortable as they age. Pets suffer from many of the same illnesses as humans, so soothing aching joints is as pleasant for your pet as it is for you.

The following list of products and Websites will give you additional information on goods that will make their lives easier and more satisfying.

Note: Products not listed below will probably be in the following post: Pet Products For Valentine's Day


Pet Essences

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